Internet Faxing Service

Internet faxing is being adopted by more and more business owners and individuals across Australia. While the traditional fax machine isn’t going away any time soon more people have come to enjoy the benefits that come along with online faxing.

For each business we understand there are essential features that you will evaluate before you decide to fax online. As technology has changed, so too have the needs of business owners. Now business must be done faster, more efficiently and even on the go. With mobile phones giving individuals the ability to search online and do business more efficiently traditional fax machines haven't risen to the task. With the ability of internet faxing you can quickly gain an edge on your competition and give your customers the faster service they are demanding.

While the number of pages that can be sent, received, and even the ability to fax internationally are important we invite to consider two aspects that don’t often make it on traditional review sites of fax services.

Local Fax Number

We understand that as you operate your local business you want to make it as cost effective as possible for your customers and other businesses to reach you. To help you with that goal we give you two ways to search for the fax number that is right for your business. You can search for available fax numbers by area code or by city. As you search for numbers you will be presented with 6 choices at any given time and can even keep searching for additional numbers to find just the right one.

New Internet Faxing Technology

While fax machines may sit across your office we understand that selecting an internet faxing technology is about gaining efficiency and that doesn’t happen if you have to keep getting up to send a fax. With mBox™, powered by eFax®, you have two innovative tools to increase your efficiency.

  1. Mobile Faxing Application With most internet fax services you can send a fax with just an email address. In addition to being able to email a fax, we have also created a mobile application that you can use to make faxing even easier.

  2. eFax Messenger® - The eFax Messenger® application installs on your computer and allows you to view, send, and even scan and fax documents. With the eFax Messenger® application installed your computer becomes basically becomes a fax machine!