Mobile Fax App from mBox

In this day and age of the Internet and touchscreen tablets and apps, there is no excuse for delaying business transactions — except, of course, should an end-of-the-world type catastrophe hit the world, like a solar storm igniting damaging EMP (electromagnetic pulse) that takes out electricity grids. While that doomsday scenario remains, thankfully, a scenario, you should take comfort in the fact that there are existing technologies that enable you to run your business in the most efficient way possible.

Perhaps one of the more impressive developments in technology has to be the ability of people to fax documents, even as they are mobile. Fax communications may not be as widely used today as they were back in the day when people still relied on paper to get things processed and done but it still remains a technology used across many industries. Whenever documents have to be sent from one office or department to another they are now generally sent through email and filed electronically, in cloud storage or virtual filing systems. But in some instances, documents still need to be sent to fax machines. And this is where the mobile fax app comes in.

The fax app for smartphones and tablets allows anyone to send (and receive) documents, files, or images to (and from) fax machines. The best fax app for mobile devices will allow you to retrieve files from cloud storage, your email, your camera roll, and even snap a photo of a document you intend to send. These documents are then enhanced further, guaranteeing delivery of clear, completely readable faxes.

If you were a journalist and need to confirm the identity of a source, you could send a friend from law enforcement a photo of your source to his fax machine. If you were a sales manager for a catering company, you could fax a standard contract for a catering job to a new client. If you were a freelance designer, you could send a company outsourcing your services the PDF file of a standard agreement, with your digital signature, to their fax machine. And you can do it all through your mobile phone or tablet.

A Mobile Fax App Makes it Easier for You to do Business

Essentially, what the fax app aims to do is to help you run your business and conduct transactions in the most convenient way. It is probably one of the most critical tools you will ever need, especially if your business operates within the virtual office environment. You save significant money on costs. You are able to rely on only a handful of employees. And you are able to deliver immediate and prompt responses to any request from clients, from sending contracts to sign to faxing digital copies of your business’s brochure.