Mobile Faxing Apps Enhance Business Productivity

If your position requires you to frequently send and receive fax documents, a mobile fax app might be perfect for you. Virtual fax accounts are quickly replacing traditional fax machines, and this ability has naturally spread to smartphones and devices. Mobile faxing is a new concept that allows you to fax from anywhere, anytime, bringing a new level of responsiveness and efficiency to your workday. Our mobile fax app is a more comprehensive way to fax than with traditional machines - it has everything you need to send, receive, and manage your faxes on the go.

Using Mobile Faxing Apps to Send and Receive Faxes

Mobile apps for faxing are much easier to use than physical fax machines. While physical machines will break and require costly maintenance, have paper jams, and tie up a phone line, virtual fax accounts have none of these problems. With mobile faxing apps, all of the ordinary fax functions - sending and receiving files - are possible, as well as the ability to scan new documents to fax with ease.

Our virtual fax service works with your existing email account, making the entire faxing process as simple as email. To send a fax, create an email as usual. For the address, use the recipients fax number followed by Attach the document or file to be faxed, and send the email. The recipient will receive the fax as if it had been sent by a traditional machine.

Receiving a fax is just as easy. When someone sends a fax to your fax number, you will receive an email containing the file as an attachment. You can choose a preferred file format to receive files in, PDF, TIFF, or EFX, a compact fax document type.

Costs and Benefits of Using a Virtual Fax Service

While virtual fax accounts end up being less expensive than dealing with a physical machine, there are still some costs involved. The cost of sending a fax depends on the location of the recipient and the length of the document to be sent. In general, sending a fax to the more technologically developed nations is less expensive than sending a fax to other countries.

When using our virtual fax service, you will enjoy a number of free faxes included each month. If you happen to exceed your fax limits, charges will apply depending on your faxing activity.

Mobile fax apps have made faxing easier and faster than ever before.