Innovative Ways Fax with Mobile Phones Has Become an Essential Business Tool

Mobile fax business tool

Billions of people throughout the world carry around a mobile phone daily. The advances these mobile wonders have gone through in the last decade are nothing less than remarkable and in the last few years, they've actually become full-fledged business tools.

While it seems easy to think about text messaging and a digital camera as basic business resources, the idea that your mobile phone has now officially transitioned into the ultimate handheld business device might seem a little too good to be true.

From accessing complex CRM data to utilizing a mobile fax phone app that sends actual fax messages, the modern smart phone is offering today's business professionals more features than ever before.

Text Messaging

While everyone else seems to be using text messaging to “LOL”, an entrepreneur can use this direct messaging tool to intimately relay a variety of details directly to both staff and clients.

Marketing reps can use text messaging to send VIP offers and invitations to select prospects, while managers can alert associates of changes to business meetings.


It is common practice for business people to access their email throughout the day. Having access to email instantly through a mobile phone has allowed every level of business owners, from starting entrepreneurs to major CEO’s, to accomplish more in less time. Recently developed mobile email apps are now able to enhance the users’ abilities to manage everything from closing in on a new client to handling customer service issues on the fly.

Images and video

The ability to snap a high resolution image or quick video is a game changer. With the state of social media bringing about so much attention to those that use it efficiently, a small business owner who posts an impromptu picture with a thoughtful caption or an entertaining industry related video can see a spike in online business traffic.

In addition, having the ability to snap group pictures at special events are a cool way of capturing a common moment that can later be used as an in for making an appointment with a would be client.

Internet access

With mobile internet being available anywhere the mobile phone has service means having access to on-the-go research tools, news, and mapping. Basically, you have everything online and in the palm of your hand that you were once restricted to only accessing in the office.

Online faxing

Finally, with all the innovations that have taken place in mobile phone technology, did you know you can actually scan a document and fax it directly from your smart phone? And, because the messages are transferred electronically you can also receive, sort, save, and forward inbound faxes to anyone, at any time, from anywhere. With mBox (powered by eFax®) you will be able to enjoy an innovative mobile fax app to utilize your fax services wherever you go.