Choose the Fax Program Uniquely Suited to Your Business

Sure, your mobile workforce is well equipped with the latest laptops, smartphones, tablets, and credit card processing system, but they still have to figure out faxing. They could return to the office when they need to fax, or they could find the nearest office supply store and hope the fax machine there is working. Wouldn't it be simpler if they could just send and receive faxes from one of the other gadgets they're already using? With mBox™ they can do exactly that.

Mobile Business

Business has moved out of brick and mortar buildings and has become increasingly more mobile. Clients expect to meet your sales team at their office or a cafe on the corner. Additionally, people have grown accustomed to working from home or while on holiday. They want to spend time with their families and loved ones while still getting in their time at work. Mobile business allows companies to reduce cost by renting smaller offices and it allows people to happily work from home or on the road. However, this can lead to a disconnected sales force if it's not setup properly.

Disconnected Sales Forces

More businesses are operating with disconnected sales forces. That is a sales force that rarely, if ever, visits the physical location for the business. It's much more profitable to keep the sales team in front of clients and making sales. However, the sales team also needs to be supported with the right technology. This includes a laptop and smartphone, but it may also require a tablet computer, projector, or other accessories. Two tools that make all these devices more useful are a credit card processor and a mobile fax solution.

Mobile Solutions

Implementing mobile solutions from credit card processors to online faxing can be tricky. Thankfully there have been several new credit card processing companies on the market in recent years. In the area of online faxing, mBox™ stands out as a longtime market leader and being powered by eFax® has a dedicated mobile fax application. The features included with an mBox™ account allow you to send and receive faxes from your computer or internet connected smartphone or tablet. This means you can send and receive faxes from anywhere in the world.