How Does The Cost Of Faxing Fit Into The Big Picture For Australian Businesses?

Despite global economic uncertainty and greater pressure from competition, some businesses do better than others. It's not magic, it's efficiency. Successful businesses are those that have been able to lower their expenses and grow their prospect pools. We all agree on the basics. How you get there is where the complexity comes into play.

​Like a virtual online mentorship program, PricewaterhouseCoopers recently offered some valuable opinions and advice from world business leaders. They surveyed 1,250 company leaders from 60 countries about how to survive in the current economic situation. Here are three of their most important findings in terms of business strategy:

  • 57 percent said they wished for more time to improve efficiency
  • 40 percent would develop operations outside the home market
  • 61 percent expect small to major changes in capital investment over the next 12 months

Fortunately, there is a technological upgrade that addresses all three of these common concerns, which have a special application to Australian business.

Improve Efficiency through Faxing

There are two ways to make money: 1) make it; 2) not spend it. Efficiency really comes down to doing more at lower costs. If there is a way to perform tasks at the same level or better at reduced expense, then efficiency skyrockets. A cloud-based fax service allows employees to fax right from their desks without wasting time at the fax machine. It also outsources the cost of maintaining fax hardware to the online fax service provider. Hardware maintenance is more affordable for an online fax service due to economies of scale, while a major repair of your copier/fax could bring your business to a halt.

Open New Markets by Faxing

In Australia, one of the central challenges is size of the country and the widely dispersed population centers. Outside Sydney and Melbourne, the population density has traditionally presented challenges to sales operations. Overseas there are plenty of great opportunities, however the cost of long-distance communication has been daunting until very recently. Online fax services also allow you to bring long distance charges under control. For example, with mBox™ you can even get local fax numbers in thousands of cities around the world. We serve more than 10,000 residents of Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia and our network serves 11 million customers globally.

Invest Wisely With Faxing

Reviewing your capital investments is a perfect time to evaluate the benefits of making a switch to an online fax solution. Fax/copier/printers can be significant investments that affect everyone in the organization. The cost of paper and toner cartridges on an annual level can be staggering. The maintenance contract and the cost of a dedicated land line should also be factored into the expenses of a fax machine. On the other hand, all those costs are greatly reduced with an online fax account. Compare actual costs of a fax machine vs. an online fax in a side-by-side comparison that we've prepared for you. Then factor in how many more new prospects you will be able to contact in new locations without having to return to the office to send or receive a fax.