The Digital Revolution Is Increasing the Speed and Quality of Australian Business


The Digital Revolution means that businesses are dumping old hardware for new software solutions. Software as a service (SaaS) allows companies to keep their data secure while employees collaborate with a wide variety of mobile devices like laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. Installing software on all these incompatible systems would be impossible. Apps that run in the cloud allow everyone to work together seamlessly, even across time zones.

The fax by computer service is the best example of this revolution. Traditional fax machines are large, difficult to maintain and must remain at the office connected to a fixed land line. There is no room for this kind of outdated equipment in the new world of mobile business. Everything that a fax machine can do, online fax software can do more efficiently.

The new global marketplace means that you may have clients across Australia or even overseas. Distance is no longer an obstacle to communication. The best cloud-based faxing software allows you to choose a local number in distant locations where you want to operate. Whether you want to start serving new markets across Australia or in other countries, you can begin by setting up a virtual office and an online fax number for that location. The businesses that make the best use of available technology will be miles ahead of their competition in the new global economy.

Here are some of the ways that a mobile fax service is a more efficient way to conduct your business:

  • Send multiple faxes simultaneously as easily as sending an email. No waiting, no busy signals, no wasted paper. Once the mobile app from mBox™ (powered by eFax®) is on your smartphone, you can receive a fax wherever you are and get right to work solving customers’ needs.
  • Allow up to five team members to receive email faxes from one account. You can share faxing duties with a team or use your own email addresses from different business units. You will be able to segment out the customer service requests from business leads and supplier contracts.
  • Reduce expenses and help the environment by not wasting paper and toner on faxes nobody wants. Because they arrive in your inbox, you can just print out faxes as needed.
  • Don't ask customers to wait until you get back to the office. Handle their request then and there. Send them the promotional materials or contracts that they need without delay. Every salesman knows the dangers of letting a prospect off the hook when you can conclude the deal in one meeting.
  • Documents such as complex documents and high resolution images too large to be sent over email can be handled effortlessly by a mobile fax app.

A mobile fax app is a leading tool for the Digital Revolution. The winners in this new mobile economy will be those who can respond quickly and deliver on promises no matter where they are.