In Australia, A Simple Fax Machine Is Not Enough To Handle Mobile Business

fax_Australia_blogpost1It's a mobile business world. The workforce has moved out of the office and out onto the road, with work-from-home arrangements, collaborations across time zones and business conducted during the commute thanks to cellular data coverage nearly everywhere. Laptops, smartphones and tablets are the new mobile office, with apps and cloud-based software that allow you to take your data anywhere. There are some truly surprising results from a pair of surveys covering Australian and British mobile workers by OnePole and Pure Profile. Here is a glimpse of the new business model:

  • More than half of Australians take work home once a fortnight or more. More than 10 percent work on the road daily.
  • Nearly half of workers said they use their smart phones in the office regularly.
  • More than eight out of ten Australian office workers consider their laptop to be their main computer in the office.

It is a waste of time for these workers to transfer files back and forth, so they depend on cloud storage and apps that keep their data updated across devices. They don't mind working more hours as long as they have the tools to keep working in other locations. Luckily, the market for apps is flooded with virtual assistants that make mobile life easier. These virtual assistants are powerful tools for business as well. Apps can reduce operating expenses and allow more work to be shifted to contractors or outsourced, stabilizing variable costs. This new world of mobile business depends on apps like the mBox™ online faxing software.

Mobile workers can't afford to return to the office to fax or depend on someone else to do it for them. They don't want to stop what they are doing to go pick up a fax when it can go right to their inbox with mBox. Up to five different email addresses can receive faxes from a single mBox™ account, allowing teams to work together in new ways to get the job done. New regions in Australia can be opened up for prospecting as well using a local fax number anywhere in Australia you want to do business.

Perhaps the greatest advantage to an online fax software and mobile app is that it allows for sending very large files, much larger than an email server can handle. For complex projects, presentations full of images and high resolution advertising files, there is no better way to send the critical files your business partners need than through mBox.