Fax Machine Costs vs. an Online Fax Service

For many business owners the thought of ditching a fax machine in favor of an online faxing service is one that requires additional analysis. After all, online faxing has been around for just over 16 years, while traditional “fax machines” have been around for over 100 years! With that big of time difference we understand why you might want to dig and discover more about the costs of an online fax solution as compared to a traditional fax machine.

While some people may think that comparing an online solution to a physical machine is like comparing “apples to oranges” we think it helps to evaluate key costs in both solutions. Each business has different demands when it comes to faxing and looking at just the hard costs is not where the analysis ends. Explore the cost breakdown we have below and then read on as we share questions you can ask to help you find the solution that is best for you.


2Source:Telstra Customer Terms

3 Based on usage of 20 sent pages & 130 received pages per month.

4 Based on Annual purchase of TN-2230 - Toner Cartridge and DR-2225 - Drum cartridge http://www.officeworks.com.au

Faxing Usage…Digging Beyond the Numbers

Even when business owners can save money on their faxing needs, we understand that it still might not be clear on which solution is the best match. To help determine whether a traditional fax machine or an online faxing service is best ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Do I need the ability to have your faxes in PDF format?
  2. Do I want or need the ability to check faxes from your mobile phone?
  3. Do I want or need the ability to store faxes online?
  4. Would I like the ability for multiple people in your office to receive faxes in their email?
  5. Would I like the ability to use a digitized signature?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above then an Online Fax Service is going to be the best match. One of the features that many customers don’t realize is that when you sign up with mBox you not only get our powerful online faxing solution, you also can fax from your mobile phone with our Android or iPhone App.