Fax Online From Your Email

The demands of business owners have rapidly changed over the past few years. Customers want information faster and make decisions at an even faster pace. Traditional fax machines can slow down your ability to engage with customers and increase sales.

Making the move from a traditional fax machine to an online fax service is one that many business owners fear. It can seem like you are “giving up” a certain level of convenience, but in actuality you are gaining more flexibility and you will even enjoy a cost savings.

The challenge with most fax services is it can be challenging to determine which features will provide you the most benefit. With every service making it possible to send and receive a certain volume of pages, what else should you consider?

Evaluating the right service for your business means considering features that can help you improve your productivity and even make it easier for your customers to reach you. To help you find the right fax service for your goals, consider the five following features that are absolute must haves when it comes to online faxing.

Evaluate Each Online Fax Service for 5 Key Features

  1. Storage of Past Faxes – With a traditional fax machine you are trapped with a few faxes that might be left in the memory.  When you are considering an online fax service evaluate the features to ensure you can store past faxes for retrieval later.  You shouldn’t have to store all of your faxes on your computer; you should be able to store them easily online.  Make sure that the service you select has the ability to store an unlimited amount of faxes.
  2. Ability to Email a Fax – While it goes without saying that with an online fax service you can login to a website and send and receive faxes you deserve more.  You shouldn’t be limited to just visiting a website to fax, make sure you have the ability to send an email as a fax. 
  3. Fax from Your Phone –Mobile faxing is enjoying a wider usage due to the volume of smart phones. The volume of Android based phones and iPhones means more business is done on the go. Even though most smart phones can email, evaluate the online fax service you are considering to determine if they have a dedicated phone app for mobile faxing. With a phone app you will get added features and sending a fax is as easy as point, shoot, and fax!
  4. Receive Faxes to Multiple Emails –Ever sift through a stack of papers to find the fax that was meant for you? With online faxing you won’t have to sift through paper anymore and you won’t even have to wait for someone to forward you a fax. To help you gain efficiency with your office we give you the ability to use up to 5 different email addresses to receive your faxes.
  5. Have a Local Australian Fax Number –Just because you decide to use a virtual fax service doesn’t mean that you won’t look local. mBox™ has the largest inventory of fax numbers for you to select from giving you the opportunity to select a local number from Melbourne to Perth.