Are These Outdated Practices Slowing Your Business Down?

It doesn’t matter how many extra hours you put in and how fast you run. If your work practices are behind the times, you’ll still be trailing well behind the competition.

So be honest. Is your business muddling along in outdated mode because you’re failing to address these challenges?

Your desktop computers frequently break down

Fed up with lost data, hardware repair bills and time wasted fiddling around with backups? Then it’s time to shift your computing and paperwork to the cloud. Enjoy the flexibility of using any handheld device to access your files and customer records, wherever you happen to be. As long as you have an internet connection, you’re off and running.

Your payroll and expenses processes are still done manually

This is time-consuming and prone to error, and often relies on the expertise of one particular person in your office. Get employees trained on software systems which automate payroll and expenses, ridding yourself of slips of paper which all too often get lost.

Email invoices to customers as soon as they’re generated, avoiding the lengthy process of posting and unnecessary use of paper.

Your fax machine eats time, paper and money

Really? Has no one told you about virtual faxing? You no longer have to print out your document, feed it into the fax machine and wait to ensure successful connection and sending. Online fax systems combine the convenience of email with the speed of the internet to take faxing to a new level of efficiency.

If you send and receive fax via email, you are no longer chained to your office computer and fax machine. Access your entire library of files and faxes on the go through smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Your office phone has faulty message machine and unreliable divert

Digitise your phone as well as your fax. Switch to a virtual receptionist and never miss calls or irritate your customers again. Digital phone packages can now answer calls 24/7, send voicemail to email, and divert calls to order.

Contemporary companies often create a customised greeting – a studio-recorded voiceover greeting which ensures a highly professional first impression.

You’re spending a heap of money on old-hat advertising

Poorly conceived and executed advertising is a waste of precious money in the current digital marketplace. Leaflets in letterboxes often won’t cut it anymore.

With the entire range of social media to choose from, educate yourself on new technology and cash in on the channels where people now choose to work, play and buy.

You’re not using email to send customers offers and promotions

Why not check out email marketing for your ad campaigns? It’s easier than ever to do and you don’t even need expert help when you use the latest platforms. Build loyalty and awareness of your business brand through marketing software like MailChimp, which allows you to design and tailor your own campaigns.

You’re neglecting your employees

If you’re not providing your employees with education and training opportunities, they could be holding your business back.

Consider appropriate education and training to keep them up to speed with new technology and changes in your industry. Keep clear lines of communication open in your business, with plenty of room for two-way feedback.

Don’t let old-fashioned, inefficient systems prevent your business growing and thriving in the current marketplace – evaluate your business, and ditch whatever isn’t working!