A Paper Consumption Challenge that Impacts Every Business

Every country around the globe is involved in the paper consumption challenge we are facing. Some countries are dealing with the fallout from deforestation and the destruction of rain forests. Others are burdened by unsustainable expenditures for imported paper products. This is not a situation that is unique to Australia. The tragedy is that it does not have to be this way. There are many alternative business practices and technologies that can be used to reduce the global demand for paper. Best of all, these changes can have a compounding effect if we all work together on this problem.

Team Effort

Individuals need to work on reducing their paper consumption at home, but are also beginning to take notice of businesses that are doing more for the environment. There is a global trend to seek out and support those businesses that are trying to develop sustainable practices. Businesses of every size can do their part to reduce their own paper consumption and it doesn't have to be difficult. You can begin by simply questioning your need to print various documents. Could you find another way to share the same information without printing it? Can your next company memo be delivered via email? Can you transition from printed training manuals to online training? Can you offer direct deposit to your employees rather than printing checks? A few simple changes implemented at a large number of companies can have a profound effect on paper consumption in Australia and around the world.

Fax Solution for Businesses of Every Size

Once you've covered the basics and begun to question printing every document, you'll quickly notice an outdated device in your office that does not offer a no-print option. Traditional fax machines simply print everything they receive. Worse still, you will often need to print a document only to feed it into a fax machine and throw it away. Moving the whole process over to an internet fax solution like the one offered by mBox™ is the best way to reduce paper consumption from faxing.