How To Receive Fax via Email

With email hitting the mainstream back in the late 1990’s one would think that faxing would have gone out of style. Despite increased usage of email, including sending email attachments, faxing continues to be in high demand. From lawyers, real estate professionals, travel agents, Doctor’s offices and more, the increased need to be more efficient with faxing has never been more obvious than today.

The challenge, with traditional fax machines, is that to receive a fax, you have to be present in the office. Should you need to email that fax what do you do? Trying to send a fax as an email from a traditional fax machine means trying to locate a scanner, making sure it is in a readable format and then finally sending it on to your desired recipient; who has that kind of time?

When you are comparing a traditional fax machine vs. an internet fax service one of the items that few people evaluate is the aspect of receiving faxes. Many people evaluate the benefits of sending a fax online, but few look to how receiving a fax is beneficial. As you consider what solution is best for your business consider the following benefits that an online fax service provides when it comes to receiving faxes.

3 Hidden Benefits of Receiving Faxes in Your Email

  1. File Formats – A simple paper fax comes in one format…paper. While you can certainly print the faxes you receive via email you can also view them in PDF format, TIFF, or EFX format to give you maximum flexibility in viewing critical information.

  2. Ability to Forward to Other People – Faxes often need to be reviewed by more than one person. Instead of making copies for everyone or holding a meeting, when you receive it in your email you can easily send to any one of your team members. With the mBox™ mobile application or when you access your account online you can quickly send your fax via email.

  3. Ability to Receive anywhere – With a traditional fax machine you have to wait until you return to the office or have an employee “check the faxes” for you. Instead of wasting time calling and checking the faxes; an online fax service allows you to check faxes from your phone or any computer. Wherever you can get online you can check what has been received allowing you to quickly take action.