Can You Fax That? How to Say Yes and Fax From Your Email

Many business owners don’t even know that faxing is now the province of computers.

So if your client, who still uses an old fax machine, asks if you can fax something, say: “Yes – but not as you know it.”

Faxing has changed. The old world of office-bound fax machine is passing in favour of the joys of cloud-based faxing from email.

Don’t under-estimate the power of fax from your email. It could revolutionise the way you do business, offering greater flexibility and speed.

So how does faxing from email work?

The traditional complex of cartridge, paper and dial-up is outdated. Sending a computer fax via email condenses many complicated procedures and systems into the pressing of a few buttons.

Using the software of a proven provider such as mBox, your attachments are translated into a readable format for the destination fax machine. At the same time, the information is stored on the mBox servers, in case the receiving machine is busy or unavailable on the first attempt.

As soon as the fax is successfully sent, a confirmation email will be sent to your nominated inbox. No waste of precious time spent hanging around the fax machine, waiting for a confirmation page to print for that important submission.

mBox also allows you to choose the file format in which you receive your faxes. The PDF, TIFF or EXF document is then sent direct to your specified email address.

How do you send a fax from your email?

It’s as easy as sending an email really. Once you’ve opened a traditional email message, just follow these three steps.

  1. In the To: field, enter the recipient’s fax number followed by @efaxsend.com.
  2. Attach the selected files (up to 10) to the outgoing email.
  3. Click Send, and you’re done!

Why say yes to sending fax from your email?

  • Instant fax cover sheet. Say goodbye to creating and printing fax cover templates. With virtual faxing, your cover sheet stands as the message you type in your email. eFax Messenger, available as a free mBox download, allows you to create customised cover sheets with ease. If you haven’t the time, just use the default – either way, you stay in your chair to do it.
  • No more scanning. Remember how you used to stand there waiting for all those fax pages to scan into memory before sending? When faxing via email, the attachments you select become the pages of your fax. Simply select the file, attach to the email and off you go.
  • Unlimited digital storage. That’s the beauty of cloud-based communications – they all get stored on the cloud, beautifully ordered, until you choose to retrieve them. Your entire faxing inventory will be stored this way, at your beck and call. Never lose one of those pesky pieces of fax paper again.
  • Mobile fax apps. See for yourself how a mobile app can totally transform the way you send and receive faxes, granting you the freedom to fax on the run from your smartphone, in your hotel room, at the airport or in a taxi.
  • Top security. Your confidential files are delivered directly to the email of your choosing – no more sharing of private information with whoever happens to be waiting at the fax machine. Cloud storage also ensures encrypted security of files and faxes, and eliminates the need for traditional backup.

Email is an integral part of office communications. Start using it for your online faxing as well, and extend the communication reach of your business.