Discover the 3 Easy Ways to Send a Fax Online

For many business owners, sending a traditional fax requires standing in front of the fax machine punching in numbers, feeding the paper through, and waiting for a fax confirmation; and if it doesn’t go through? Repeat.

With the power of emails and rising use of mobile devices, people are upgrading how they communicate and how they do business. This includes how they are sending and receiving their faxes. What if you are missing out on business because you solely relied on traditional fax machines?

What if your customer can’t receive your fax because they don’t have a fax machine? Taking on the expense of buying hardware, replacing toner, and the cost of maintenance have business owner seeking alternative methods of sending and receiving faxes. Why shouldn’t you too?

When you send a fax online, you get the convenience of email combined with the security of fax. You can rest assured your customer receives your fax whether you decide to send a fax to their email address or fax number. Forget shuffling through piles of paper of your desk or getting buried under files, easily search through archived faxes in your inbox.

Sending a Fax Online is Easy and Can Save You Time

Because we understand just how busy you are, we made sending a fax online as easy as possible regardless of where you are. Here are 3 ways you can quickly and easily send a fax online:

  1. Scan and Send – Use your internet fax and have the ability to find, forward and save incoming and outgoing faxes as easily as you organize your emails.
  2. Point, Shoot and Fax– Send a fax on the spot whether you’re a work site or on the road. Mobile faxing is as easy as taking a photo of your document, then faxing it. Receiving faxes direct to your phone is as easy as checking your voicemail.
  3. Create a Word Doc and Fax Instantly –The eFax® app for Word (available for free with an mBox™ account) gives you the capability to conveniently send fax documents without leaving Word. Simply download the free app and start faxing the Word document you have right in front of you.