Send a Fax Online with a Fax Cover Sheet Quickly and Easily

When sending a traditional fax it is easy to send along a fax cover sheet. Next to most fax machines lies a stack of cover sheet templates where you can easily write in the name, subject, and other essential information to get your documents on their way. With the volume of faxes that are sent and received daily throughout Australia having a cover sheet is essential to ensure your message is delivered.

Of course an internet fax service prevents a different challenge. If you login to send your fax how do you create the cover sheet? If you use the fax to email aspect of your internet fax, how then do you get a cover sheet incorporated as part of your fax?

Don’t worry about making the transition to online faxing because you can now send a fax online without losing the benefit of that cover sheet. There are two easy ways you can use a fax cover sheet with your internet fax service.

Send a Fax Online Through Email

Most business owners keep their email application up throughout the day. With your email application already running you won't have to find a fax cover sheet to use. To have a fax cover sheet when you are using email, you only need to type a message in the subject area. The message that you type will be converted to a great looking fax cover sheet.

The key fields from your email that will be used in the fax cover sheet include:

Subject Line: This line will be used as the regarding section or identified as “RE” on the fax cover sheet.

Email Body: Your email body will be used to as the cover message. Simply type as you would a traditional email and it will be converted into the cover sheet text automatically.

Whether you decide to send a fax online through the eFax Messenger® software or through email you won’t have to worry about having a great looking fax cover sheet.

eFax Messenger® Has Built-in Fax Cover Sheets

As an mBox™ user you have the ability to use the web fax software, eFax Messenger®. eFax Messenger® has built in fax cover templates that you can use to send along with any document. Just as easy as using Microsoft Word you can use the editor to customize the subject line, cover message, and more. No longer will you have to find a template to use. Every time you open up eFax Messenger® you will have the option to edit the included fax cover sheet; allowing you to send your documents faster.