Why It's Easier to Send Faxes Online Than to Use a Fax Machine

Five or ten years ago, if you wanted to send a fax you had to use a fax machine. Since many businesses didn't have fax machines, sending a fax meant finding a device, sending the fax and waiting for a confirmation. While this option still exists today, more and more people are learning how to send faxes online.  Sending faxes online is far more convenient and allows business people the flexibility they need to succeed at their businesses.

You Don't Need to Leave Your Desk to Send Faxes Online

Sending faxes used to interfere with productivity because workers had to go into another room to use the fax machine and often had to stay with the machine to ensure paper jams or impatient other employees didn't interfere with the fax being sent.

When you send faxes online, it eliminates this problem. Employees simply have to set up the fax on their computers and click a few buttons. Thus, faxing can be one of many activities an employee does at the same time rather than being a distraction that takes him or her away from the desk at a critical time.

Busy Bosses Can Send Faxes Online Via Mobile Devices

If you are constantly on the go, it no longer has to interfere with your ability to send faxes. You can fax via your mobile device while traveling. This is convenient for people who attend a number of meetings off-site. For example, you can fax over important documents en route to a meeting so that your team can review them once you get there. This is a distinct advantage over traditional faxing methods, which would require you to stop somewhere to use a fax machine.

You Can Fax Many Types of Files

By far, the greatest advantage of sending faxes online is that you are less limited in what you can send. You can fax PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and many other types of files. If you can email it, you can probably fax it. In contrast, traditional faxing requires hard copies of material, while some email systems in the past required you to scan documents as PDFs. Modern email-to-fax programs let you fax material without wasting time converting it from one medium to another.