Send Fax Online And Expand Your Business’ Reach

The fast pace of technology can render various gadgets and equipment obsolete. This also rings true in the office setting where the death knell has been rung for some office equipment.

But despite the prevalence of powerful computers and even tablets and smartphones, you should not count some office equipment out. Take the fax machine, for example. While more and more people gain Internet access, the fax machine is still a regular fixture in a great number of offices, particularly in areas where Internet access may be limited.

One of the benefits of using fax machines is that it produces hard copies of documents. Sure, you can email product specs or proposals to a client but there is a sense of immediacy in holding a document in one's hand. Emails can also get buried on top of one another or get lost in the spam folder.

Before email, fax machines were the fastest way to send documents to another party. And in some parts of the world, they still are.

Fax machines are also relatively cheap and easy to install. In addition to this, some manufacturers have released printers which can double as fax machines.

Until everyone gets unlimited access to the Internet as well as laptops and smart devices, sending and receiving faxes is still a viable messaging option for a lot of businesses.

Reduction of Expenses to Going Paperless…

Whether you are looking to reduce overhead expenses or if your office has taken the paperless route and eliminated faxes, mBox™ allows you receive and send fax online. Through a computer or smart device tethered to the Internet, you can reach clients and even receive fax messages.

Receiving fax messages is as simple and easy as opening an email message where the faxed message is converted digitally into PDF, TIF or EFX format which in turn makes digital archiving easier and more convenient.

Sending fax messages is similarly easy and convenient, just like attaching a file to an email message. But instead of keying in the recipient’s email address, you input the receiver's fax number followed by "”. Alternatively, you can send a fax message through an eFax account. Once the message has been sent, you will receive a confirmation email. Also, you can check the message delivery status by logging on to your mBox™ account.

With mBox™, you get the best of both worlds: the convenience and ease of going online and the reach of sending and receiving faxes. With service available in 49 countries, you can expand your businesses’ reach farther without spending a great deal of money.