Send online faxes and never miss a deadline again

We've all been there, spending large chunks of our day waiting for that all important fax to come through. Oftentimes, necessities crop up that make it impossible to wait around, and as soon as you leave, the fax arrives.This could cause major problems, especially if the fax was time-sensitive.

With an online fax service, there's no need to wait around at home anymore. You can get your errands completed and receive a convenient notification when your fax arrives.Read, receive and send faxes from your e-mail address anytime and from anyplace; all you need is access to the internet and you're good to go!

No More Missed Deadlines or Misplaced Paperwork

Time-sensitive materials such as loan applications, contracts or legal notes must be reviewed carefully and sent back at the time stated.In an ideal world this would be days, but, sometimes these materials need to be confirmed by the end of the day.This makes going to unexpected meetings off-site or traveling during this time just about impossible.Sadly, some people are left with a choice of either meeting with a client or waiting by the fax machine and losing money.

Sending and receiving faxes via Internet gives you the freedom of being able to perform your business duties every day without missing a fax and without needing to be near a fax machine to return it.There are three simple ways to send a fax via Internet: by email, directly through the website or by mobile app.All three have the same basic steps, sign up for an account, receive a fax number, upload the document to be faxed (or snap a picture of the document), and enter the recipients fax number followed by and click send.

Additional Internet Fax Benefits

One of the main benefits of using an Internet faxing service is that the fax is received by the recipient immediately and just like a traditional fax, you will receive confirmation right away.

Additional benefits include:

  • Choosing your own fax number, which includes the option of a toll free number
  • Secured fax delivery directly from the website or your e-mail address
  • The ability to edit, highlight your faxes
  • Unlimited online storage of your faxes