A Quick Checklist for Starting a Business in Australia

A few simple tools can help you through the process of starting a business in Australia. Begin by grabbing a copy of the government help checklists available online. This will walk you through the process of developing a business plan, financing your venture, and navigating Australian business law. Once you're ready to get started knocking things off the checklist, you'll want to setup your communications services so you can easily send and receive all these faxed documents.

Starting Your Business Checklist

This guide is divided into four main sections; before you start a business, when you start a business, when you buy a business, and running your business. Each of these sections delves into the business planning, financing, and business law that will govern your venture. However, the checklist completely glosses over the need for proper communications services.

Business Planning

Let's say that you've followed the checklist and you're developing a business plan and considering the structure of your business. Looking around the globe, it's easy to see a shift from brick-and-mortar businesses to agile and mobile enterprises. Now is the time to start thinking about how your office will be setup and how it will function. Do you want to spend time and money creating a physical office space that requires your customers to come to you? Alternatively, do you want to build a mobile office that allows you to go where the customers are? Today's technologies allow you to travel with your laptop and smartphone while staying just as connected to your business as you would be sitting in an office.


You'll need to learn about financing for two reasons. First, you may need to borrow money to build, expand, or buy your business. Second, you will probably want to accept credit cards at some point. While it will be helpful to have a mobile faxing solution for staying connected with the banks that lend you money, a mobile payment gateway is also an easy way to take payments when you are outside the office. Combining these two services, your smartphone can become a portable fax machine and a cash register all rolled into one device.

Business Law

The checklist provided by the Australian government includes some information and contacts for setting up an import/export business. However, it doesn't mention that you will need to stay connected to your business at all times when you're traveling to setup trade deals with suppliers. It's incredibly helpful to have access to an online fax service using your laptop or smartphone when you're out of the country. This allows you to send and receive faxes as though you are in the office even when you are halfway around the globe.