How to Take Your Office With You When You Travel

Your office isn’t just a physical space, it’s a collection of tools that you use for doing business. So you might have a laptop, a fax machine, a scanner/printer, plus a server with a shared database.

When you travel, you want to have as much of this environment around you as possible, and you can with one simple device – the smartphone. By using the cloud and your smartphone, you can not only make calls, text and email, you can access important documents and even send faxes online from wherever you have an internet connection – no matter the time difference.

Take a virtual fax machine virtually anywhere

With an online fax system from mBox, you can send faxes by combining your existing email service with a virtual fax number that you select online. If someone wants to fax you, they dial the number and send you a document just as if your phone was a fax machine. It works the other way too.

To send a fax, you enter the recipient’s fax number into an email, attach the documents (up to 1GB) then hit send. There is no need to spend time trying to find a fax machine, or to pay through the nose for an expensive hotel fax.

If there’s no scanner in sight, you can also use your smartphone’s camera to take a picture of documents you want to send, or even to create a digital signature to affix to important documents like contracts.

Once you’ve sent a fax, it’s stored in the cloud as well for future consultation or resending – incredibly useful when you’re on the road and you want to be certain of what you have sent and when.

Access your documents from anywhere

Working in the cloud means you can use your smartphone to access key documents from wherever you are, and collaborate with colleagues back the office. It’s as if you are carrying the office filing cabinet around with you, and there’s no need to slow projects up while you are away.

Keeping track of your journey

You can also use apps on your smartphone to keep track of your itinerary. TripIt keeps your itinerary in one place by combining your flights, hotel bookings and meeting schedules. If you try to enter a 1pm meeting in London, TripIt will check to see if that’s possible by examining the rest of your schedule. In addition, you can send booking confirmations to the app, and it will input them to your schedule, so you don’t miss anything.

Smartphones have grown into a lot more than just a way to talk and text. Smartphones let you take the office with you when you travel, offering convenience and flexibility.

You no longer have to be out of touch while you’re on the road, or worried about delays due to your absence.