Getting Super Organised: Top Apps for SME Owners

Getting organised in the contemporary SME workplace means more than keeping a neat diary. It means choosing from the range of apps available to help you negotiate your way through everyday business tasks, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Read our guide to the top apps for getting you organised, and your business firing.

Apps for collaboration

Unless your employees and colleagues are all on the same page – literally – you won’t be able to share. So consider using a collaboration platform like Basecamp, Slack or Dropbox to enable everyone to pool resources and exchange vital information.

  • Basecamp. Offering a single view dashboard with links to your important projects, files, tasks and milestones, this team tool also includes scheduling and calendar.
  • Slack. Only a couple of years old, Slack has won many fans and converts from Basecamp. A great messaging app for teams, it’s free and offers multiple user-friendly channels for group conversations, private messaging, file sharing and full back-up security.
  • Dropbox. Very popular among mobile app consumers, Dropbox offers great file-sharing software allowing important documents to be synced across all devices and accessed anywhere by group members.

Apps for project management

Tools like Producteev allow you to log on and keep track of multiple projects, adding, moving and rearranging items as necessary. A powerful task management tool like this is a must for dispersed work teams, dramatically improving efficiency. Approaching deadlines can be seen at a glance, and colleagues can exchange important information.

Apps for time management

You might be shocked to learn that a ‘simple’ task is taking you twice as long as you thought. Now you can measure exactly what time is being spent on which project through time management tools like RescueTime, a program recording how much time you spend on each different task.

Apps for mobile faxing

Yes, there’s even an app for online faxing via your mobile phone, no matter your location. You can save time and work efficiently from anywhere with a fax machine in your pocket.

The mBox mobile fax app frees you to send and receive faxes to email through your smartphone or tablet. Store your entire inventory of virtual faxes on the cloud for easy access and retrieval any time.

Apps for news aggregation

If your company relies on daily news updates to function, you’ll know how time-consuming it can be attempting to keep up with 24-hour news reports along with a multitude of live news feeds through channels like Twitter and LinkedIn.

News aggregation apps like Flipboard, Feedly and Pocket sort and condense this data for you in one convenient place, to be browsed at a time of your choosing.

Apps for multiple posting

Just as it’s increasingly hard to monitor incoming news, it’s ever more difficult finding time to post to multiple social media platforms.

If you post news and marketing content to a number of channels on a regular basis, an app like Hootsuite or Buffer will help you employ some shortcuts.

Apps for email marketing

Hugely popular apps like MailChimp allow SMEs to customise and automate email marketing campaigns to maximise effectiveness and reach.

Send welcome emails to new customers, personalised messages, newsletters, and product recommendations based on previous purchases. Bulk emails, data analysis and performance tracking enable you to stay right on target with your marketing goals.

So it’s worth experimenting with a selection of contemporary apps, many of which are free at base level, with paid packages offering more features. See which ones work for you, and get organised!