Transitioning to Online Faxing is Easier Than You Think

Are you still struggling with a bulky fax machine which keeps breaking down, chewing paper and blocking your most urgent documents?

Making the switch to online faxing is far simpler than you imagine. It’s just a question of finding the right company, discussing your requirements and discovering what you’re missing in the world of virtual fax.

Computer faxing is fast and secure, liberating you from the ties of paper, ink cartridges and costly repairs. And you don’t even have to get out of your chair to do it.

What will a transition to mBox online faxing give me?

  • Your own private local or toll-free number. Choose a fax number right for your business and get your online fax up and running right away. With no dedicated fax line to be installed, send and receive faxes as soon as your account is activated.
  • Ability to send or receive global faxes via email. Your office becomes totally portable. You can send and receive emails anywhere in the world via mobile, tablet or laptop, as long as you have an internet connection.
  • Online fax storage. Forget those stray papers strewn around the office machine. Your entire inventory of sent and received faxes can be stored on the cloud and retrieved at will.
  • Free incoming fax pages. Receive up to 130 incoming fax pages monthly free of charge.
  • Free customer support. There are plenty of ways to use the backup and expertise offered by mBox. Phone, email or check out the extensive online information.
  • Digital file formats. mBox delivers faxes in three file formats – PDF, TIFF or EFX. EFX files are compact fax files you can read with the free, downloadable eFax Messenger software which enhances fax viewing.
  • Fax receipt on up to five email accounts. Great for sharing information with colleagues and employees, mBox allows you to direct incoming faxes to five different email addresses.
  • Wireless access. You’ve broken free of your static fax machine. Now you can send and receive faxes phone-to-phone and email-to-email, anywhere you happen to be in the world. Just connect to the internet and off you go.

Why the transition to online faxing is irresistible

  • You’re maximising the benefits of the cloud. No longer reliant on those bulky office machines, virtual fax uses cloud technology to send, receive, store and retrieve your valuable messages anywhere, anytime – at the touch of a button.
  • You’re saving money. You can now say goodbye to rental and electricity costs for that dedicated phone line. No more toner refills, maintenance and wasted paper. And forget the long-distance call charges which made faxing overseas so expensive.
  • You’re enhancing quality. Farewell to grainy text and fading words. Virtual faxing gives you consistent clarity and quality, no matter how big the job.
  • You’re going green. Drastically reduce the amount of printed paper floating around your office with online faxing. The old fax machines just use to print it anyway, regardless of whether it was a vital business document or a junk advert. It would even print an ‘error message’ page telling you exactly why your urgent file – two minutes to deadline – failed to send!