Virtual Fax Service

Virtual services, sometimes referred to as cloud computing, have allowed businesses of nearly every size to save money. With virtual services ranging from hosting services, email services, and data storage it’s no wonder that businesses continue to explore more virtual service options. Moving traditional hardware items or even services to “the cloud” might sound innovative (or maybe even a bit scary), but the bigger question is why?

In today’s world, margins have gotten tighter and businesses are required to be even more efficient. In order to increase efficiency and keep costs down, business owners have looked to reduce larger capital investments by moving to the cloud. One of the services that millions of business owners continued to adapt is that of faxing.

For many offices the need to fax has meant the following:

  • Invest in one or more fax machines
  • Invest money in fax supplies
  • Invest money in one or more dedicated fax lines
  • Invest in a support plan to avoid costly repairs

The capital expense to get just a single fax machine up and running can cost anywhere from $400 to nearly $1,000 for a single machine! That doesn’t even include the amount of money a business can invest monthly on the fax charges they incur with their dedicated fax line

A Move to a Virtual Fax Machine Saves Money

A virtual fax machine saves you money by eliminating the following:

  • No need for a dedicated fax line
  • No need of a support plan to fix hardware
  • No need to invest in fax supplies
  • No need to invest in a physical machine

For you to have a virtual fax machine operational you only need your existing computer! There isn’t a need to download any software or even worry where the machine will be placed in your office. A virtual fax machine gives you the ability to receive faxes directly in your email. When you have access to the internet you have the ability to use a virtual fax which gives you more mobility in addition to the cost saving benefits.

One of the best parts about moving to a virtual fax service is that if you can use traditional applications like Word you are ready to fax! No need to learn complicated new software you can start faxing in minutes. See how a virtual fax can save you money today by starting with a free trial of mBox™.