Three Ways to Lose Customers Without Noticing

There’s no getting away from it. Modern consumers demand the best from businesses when it comes to digital platforms and technology.

You can’t complain about losing customers if you’re bumbling along with old technology that no longer does the job.

Why not check out our solutions to three very common digital business challenges that could be chasing your clients away?

Problem: Using your website is like being lost in a very dark forest

Your website is hard to navigate, unintuitive, poorly designed and cluttered, making it extremely hard for customers to find the information they need. It’s also unreadable on a mobile phone, which is how the majority of people access websites these days.

If existing and potential customers can’t find their way around your site, they’ll give up and try your rivals instead.

Solution: Smarten up. It’s not as hard as you think!

Make a list of everything that’s wrong with it, and address each point one by one.

Your site needs to be clear and logical, with easy to read text and appealing images. All links need to be fully functional, and text needs to scroll nicely on a mobile phone screen. If it’s too busy, slash away unnecessary filler and focus on the core points you want to make.

Make sure payment details are easy both to read and use. Include plenty of payment options, including credit card, direct debit and PayPal, which can be completed in clear steps. Don’t give your customers any reason to avoid paying you!

Give clear feedback and contact options, enabling prompt response and higher customer conversion rate.

Problem: Your attitude to social media is extremely anti-social, and you don’t want a bar of it

Oh dear. That won’t cut it in today’s marketplace. It doesn’t matter whether you like it or not, social media is here to stay. This is the new means of communication for a growing generation of customers. They use social media channels to share vital information about brands, businesses and services they love and hate.

Smart businesses make it easy for switched-on customers to contact them via the platform of their choice.

Solution: Turn things around and learn to share

Educate yourself on the various social media channels and how to use them. Set up Facebook and Twitter accounts which complement your redesigned website.

Start simple and build up from there – you need to master the basics before you’re able to maximise the full potential of these digital platforms.

Don’t miss online recommendations through failure to engage. And you need to know the bad stuff too. What are your customers really saying about you? Hear about complaints on social media as soon as they’re made, preventing them from circulating endlessly and gathering steam. Address them head on, offer replacement products and turn sticky situations into win-wins for both you and your customers.

Problem: Your office is a technological desert

This doesn’t really need much description, beyond mentioning box-size phones, cabinet-size desktop computers and a temperamental fax machine in the corner. If your office is untidy, your tools are outdated and your employees find it difficult to work efficiently and serve your customers, chances are you are driving them elsewhere.

Solution: Find out exactly what you’re missing

Today’s SMEs are growing accustomed to transacting business on the move using smartphones and tablets, needing only internet access to send and receive online faxes, retrieve documents stored on the cloud and share files. Update your equipment, and help your staff do their jobs effectively.

Contemporary clients choose contemporary businesses. If you’re perceived as a dinosaur, you’ll likely become extinct. So don’t lose customers to businesses more tech-savvy and user-friendly than yours. Get in the game and stop leaking those precious customers.