Web Fax Software

With the volume of time that employees and business owners spend in front of their computers, it’s a wonder why so many still have a fax machine.  A traditional fax machine requires people to deal with annoying paper jams, replace toner, and get up to send or receive a single document. Instead of dealing with these challenges, why not evaluate web fax software to see how you can gain efficiencies?

The challenge when evaluating web fax software is ensuring that you get the features that will actually help your business. Especially when you want to help multiple employees save time, make sure you get the best features possible for your staff.

Web Fax Software Should Provide You with Essential Features For Your Business

Although most online fax companies provide you with access to faxing online, there are often essential features that you need to do business that can only be accomplished with web fax software that resides on your computer. To help our customers utilize mBox™ to its maximum potential each of our customers can utilize the eFax Messenger®

  • Convert Faxes to Usable Document Types – Easily convert documents to editable PDF’s to allow for quick changes and interaction with those whom you are communicating via fax. No need to have separate editing software, just edit from within messenger and stay productive.
  • Use Your Digitized Signature – Sometimes you just need to acknowledge that you reviewed a document. With our digitized signature feature you can store an image of your signature for quick use on faxes you are sending or receiving.
  • Instantly View Received Faxes – With our web fax software you no longer have to get up and check the incoming faxes. The eFax Messenger® application notifies you of received faxes with a simple notification in the taskbar of your computer. You will be instantly on top of the latest information you receive via fax.