What is mBox, and why do Small Businesses Love it?

Smart small businesses look for solutions that simplify their day-to-day operations. Enter mBox, the internet fax service with a fast, reliable and secure communication network reaching across the globe.

So what is mBox?

mBox is powered by eFax, now one of the world’s largest and most trusted providers of internet messaging services, offering fax via email to more than 11 million subscribers.

The mBox virtual fax system harnesses the power and reach of email, offering small businesses three major advantages.

  • Choice. mBox offers a huge selection of phone numbers, so clients can pick the best one to suit their needs. mBox currently offers numbers in over 3,500 cities worldwide, in close to 50 countries on six continents.
  • Simplicity. The system is so easy to use. Gone are the annoying limitations of the traditional fax machine, with its slow send, frequent errors and printing problems. Faxes are sent and received as email attachments, accessible anywhere there is an internet connection. The system also does away with the costs of paper and toner, and the need to service and repair an office fax machine.
  • Speed and security. mBox members, through eFax, enjoy use of speedy, state-of-the-art servers, with top-quality network connection and complete data security.

How do you send a super-quick internet fax via mBox?

  • Use your mobile. A special app makes it easy to send and receive faxes via your smartphone. Sending? Whether you’re at an airport or on a work site, just take a photo of your document and fax it. Receiving? Faxes sent directly to your phone can be checked as easily as checking voicemail.
  • Create and send a Word document. The eFax app for Word is free with your mBox account. Just download it, and fax your document without even leaving Word.
  • Scan and send external documents. If the document is a legal, business or government document not created in Word, simply scan it in and fax it via email as a file.

Why do small businesses love mBox?

  • Multiple emails and fax numbers. You can nominate up to five email addresses for receipt of faxes, and can employ multiple fax numbers within your business.
  • Fax from any device, anywhere. mBox, a leading internet fax provider, allows you to send faxes from your mobile, laptop, handheld device or desktop with no additional software or hardware. This keeps you connected however far away you happen to be, so you never again miss out on that vital submission, presentation or contract.
  • Unlimited storage. Kick off a lifetime archive of sent and received fax documents, all instantly accessible from the cloud.
  • Multiple faxes. Send and receive multiple faxes at the same time.
  • Add-ons allowed. Add more fax numbers in other cities or countries at any stage.
  • Computing flexibility. Some internet fax providers only operate through Windows. mBox works on any operating system, requiring only an internet browser.
  • Privacy. Forget the old fax machine in the middle of the office, where ‘confidential’ documents got lost or – worse - shown to all and sundry. mBox directs important documents straight to your nominated email, giving you total control of your messaging security.

Small businesses love mBox for the simplicity and security of communication it provides. Be a part of it!