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Start Saving with Great Fax Rates from mBox

Faxing with mBox is easy and saves you money. You'll get a dedicated fax number in Australia or abroad that's tied to your email. Then send and receive faxes by email, eliminating the expenses of a separate fax line, fax machine and fax supplies.

With the ability to send and receive faxes from your mobile phone , computer, or nearly anywhere you have online access, you will find you can ditch your fax machine! Check out the powerful benefits you will enjoy with mBox Subscription.

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Monthly Plan

$ 15.95 per month

30 Days Free Trial
  • Send 150 pages per month
  • Receive 150 pages per month
  • No Setup Fee
  • Cost per included Fax* : $0.0532
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Annual Plan

$ 11.96 per month

Billed Yearly ($143.55)

3 Months Free
  • Send 150 pages per month
  • Receive 150 pages per month
  • No Setup Fee
  • Cost per included Fax* : $0.0399
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Send additional fax pages at our low rate of $0.10* (AUD) per page to Australian local landline number & $0.41* (AUD) per page to toll-free numbers and Mobile Numbers

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^Setup fees are payable in advance and are COMPLETELY NON-REFUNDABLE

*Cost of sending an inidvidaul fax is calculated based on the recipient's location and the length of the document sent. To view all send rates, please click HERE

*These rates apply to fax pages that take less than 60 seconds to transmit, which covers approximately 90% of all fax pages. Faxes, regardless of size, that take longer than 60 seconds to transmit will be billed on a per-minute basis instead of per page. No special offers apply. Value Added Tax (VAT) and other consumption taxes may apply to all charges depending on your country of residence.

Included Features

Unlimited Storage


Electronic Signature


Fax Online


Keep Your Existing Fax Numbers


Searchable Faxes


PDF Converter


Fax to Multiple Recipients


Mobile Enabled


Large File Transfer

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